Prasarana's LRT Project

We are proud to be involved in the Utilities Relocation works for Prasarana's LRT Extension project. Our UPT Line-stopping method was adopted to avoid unnecessary water supply disruption in the Klang Valley area. Pipe sizes involved are as large as up to 1600mm in diameter.

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BESRAYA Eastern Extension

We are proud to be involved in the project as specialist for hot-tapping & line-stopping works

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MRT SYB2 Project

We are proud to be involved in the new KL MRT project for V2 , V3, V4, V5, V6 &V7 Diversions package.

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We Are Going Trenchless

We are venturing into the field of trenchless technology, with microtunneling machines (pipe jacking) up to 2500mm.

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2nd Malaysia Book Of Record

We are proud to received an award from Malaysia Book of Record for 'Biggest Interconnection Pipeworks In Reclining Position Using Hot-Tapping Method ( 2100mm )

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Malaysia's Specialist Recognition

We are proud to be Malaysia's First & Largest Hot-Tapping and Line-Stopping Specialist

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We are proud to be involved in this project as specialist for hot-tapping & line-stopping works

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UPT (Hot Tapping & Line stopping) Bio-Robic DEWATS TESCO Japan
Bio-Robic Bio Microbes Enzyme (Odor)    
Bio-Robic Bio Microbes Enzyme (Odor & Decomposition)

UPT Hot-Tapping

UPT Hot-Tapping has been established locally in Malaysia since the early 2000.

UPT Line-Stopping

Genbina’s UPT Line-Stopping is the First & Largest listed in Malaysia Book of Records with capability up to 2500mm in diameter for water & wastewater pipelines.

Our Video

View our corporate video . Genbina provides holistic technology and services solutions to the water industry



Treatment plant : TESCO Operating the maintenance management as a whole.

Since the water treatment facility has its own problems, resolution of such problems is available in many different shades and textures.


The TESCO engineering group comprices of dedicated engineers with extensive expertise and highly sophisticated technical skills that are backed by years of experience.

Advantages of TESCO's maintenance management services:

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